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Winjammers Ewe Herd the Nous R1 CGC HIC
Belgian Tervuren age 6

Rumor is a loving spirit with a quirky sense of humor. He has 'never met a stranger' and enjoys his role as interspecies ambassador.

He has helped many of my clients learn how to read and handle dogs better. Because of a spinal disease called lumbosacral stenosis, which led to chronic pain and arthritis, Ru did not grow up to be the performance dog I had hoped for when I brought him into the family. The universe had other plans for him, as a teacher not a competitor.

Watching Ru weather many tests, exams, physical therapy, all those chiropractic and acupuncture appointments, always with a smile and kisses and silly tricks for every doctor who has poked and prodded him, has helped change my own attitude and perception about living with my own chronic pain from an old back and hip injury. Ru says, meet adversity with a smile on your face and an open heart. If that doesn't work, sit, offer a paw and hope for a cookie.

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