Consult Options

Private Behavior Consulting and Training

A typical first lesson takes about 2 hours, follow up lessons go between 1-1.5 hours. The first lesson will cover

  • listening to you/taking a history, and watching any performance videos you bring

  • evaluating your dog

  • creating the first draft of a customized plan for your dog

  • observing demonstrations by Leslie's dogs (you may also 'borrow' one of Leslie's dogs and practice an exercise with him before working with your own dog)

  • working with your dog.

Leslie can provide 'practice people,' 'and/or practice dogs,' for behavior modification purposes, as well as create an environment that looks like a group class if desired, with other dogs, barriers, agility obstacles, etc.

Lessons take place in Leslie's large fenced backyard, weather permitting. If an indoor space is needed, Leslie usually rents Y2K9s Dog Sports Club which is close to her home.

Leslie will give in-home lessons to clients if they live very close to her and desire it, or if she feels it is necessary to see the dog in his home environment.

Road Trippers Special

Frequently people take road trips to work with Leslie and stay for a couple of days.

A typical Road Trippers lesson looks like this:

  • The first couple of hours are spent as they would be in the behavior consult described above; the rest of the time is spent training your dog, with breaks as needed

  • After the initial consult which takes about 2 hours, the human half of the team goes to lunch with Leslie, and continues the lesson for another hour or so after lunch if the canine half of the team is up for it.

  • The morning of the second day is a shorter 'wrap-up' lesson usually lasting around 1.5-2 hours.

Some people like to travel in pairs and split the lesson time. Leslie will not do private consults for more than two working teams at a time. If you have a friend just coming to watch, or to video your lesson, that is fine. If you video your lesson, you will be asked to sign a statement promising not to post footage from the video online.

Phone Consults

Leslie is available to review video footage of your dog and then give you a consult over the phone. To arrange this, contact Leslie.

Consults typically take place on weekday mornings or early afternoons. Some weekend days are occasionally available to local clients; however Leslie cannot do a two-day weekend for a road tripper. Evenings are usually not available, but it's been known to happen. To arrange for one of the consult options or get more information, contact Leslie.

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